IT Knowledge What is website development outsourcing?

What is website development outsourcing?

More and more businesses are hiring web developers, designers, content writers, and other professionals to do their work for them. This article will explore the pros and cons of this practice as well as how to go about finding a good candidate to outsource your web development. Read on to discover “What is website development outsourcing?”, its pros & cons, as well as tips on outsourcing web development!

website development outsourcing

Figure 1. What is website development outsourcing?

1. What is website development outsourcing?

Outsourcing is a way of contracting out any task on the business’s docket. The contract is possible with an agency, individual, or service and might involve domestic and international partnerships. The payment for each party will be based on the contracted amount for certain completed tasks, not solely depending on recurring base income.

When it comes to website development outsourcing, a project owner will entrust the whole site development to an outsourcing agency. More specifically, this agency offers a team of designers, web developers, and other specialists who are all monitored by a project manager. This manager then reports back all the progress to the owner of the project.

website development outsourcing

Figure 2. Outsourcing

2. Pros And Cons Of Web Outsourcing

2.1 Pros 

  • Budget-friendly in comparison with in-house development
  • Complete the team faster
  • Obtains savvy experts
  • Systematic development process
  • Speedy start
  • Most suitable for short-term plans

2.2 Cons

  • Lesser development control 
  • No transparency
  • A big challenge for remote collaboration 
  • Confidential information risk 

3. How Much Does Web Outsourcing Cost?

Project cost calculation remains a big challenge for web development outsourcing planning because many factors influence the calculation. Some remarkable factors include:

  • The web products scale you want to develop
  • The complexity and difficulty of the development process
  • the number of team members includes in the project 
  • Deadline of the development process
  • Hourly rates

Figuring out the possible cost of web app development outsourcing will be the best approach. We took into consideration $35 per hour wages and determined an average amount that will work best with your budget, based on how long it takes them to complete each task:

  • A modern medical website ranging $35,000 – $65,000.
  • A custom real estate website ranging $45,000 – $66,150 (vary depend on the complexity)
  • A food delivery website ranges around $31,000.
  • ECommerce website ranging $15,000 –  $40,000.
  • Online learning platform ranging around $62,000.
  • Price comparison website ranging around $43,000.

4. How To Outsource Web Development?

Step 1: Identify business objectives/goals and demands. These suggestions might be useful for you:

  • Let’s think about the final goals and result that the web project development will bring you 
  • Identify the target audience and the reasons/motivations that convict them to stay longer at your site
  • Figure out the type of website you are looking for to build on
  • List your requirements/demands to the website development
  • Make sure that your development team knows what you want for the implementation of the web app.

Step 2: Searching for a trustworthy web development outsourcing company, listing all the good web development agencies, and looking for their rating feedback. Firstly, Pick 10-15 companies that are:

  • Satisfy your demands and requirements
  • Provides expertise in your field
  • Suitable locations
  • Reasonable prices
  • Experience in the market 
  • Obtains a lot of positive feedback from clients 

Please also be mindful of the agency’s information on the website, awards, and new posts. Also, you can entrust the process to the Upwork platform, then get in touch with your chosen web development partner!

website development outsourcing

Figure 3. Web development.

Step 3: Monitor the development process from afar. 

Once the collaboration has started the process, consistently keep in touch with the project manager to control the meeting schedule, deadlines, preliminary designs of the website, and budget. 

Besides, do not forget to fill in a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) to avoid confidential information leaking of the project, business partners, and company.

5. Conclusion

Overall, we are sure that now you get the answer to the question “What is website development outsourcing?

If you are looking to save time and money for your website, consider outsourcing the development. Outsourcing web development can be one way of solving this problem without having to invest in additional employees or up-front costs for new software. It may sound like a high-cost upfront, but many companies find that they make their investment back within six months by reducing overhead costs with freelancers. 

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