IT Knowledge Do You Know Which E-commerce Platform Is Best?

Do You Know Which E-commerce Platform Is Best?

An e-commerce platform is a software app that makes online businesses control their site, sales, and even marketing. Let’s immerse into and find out what to evaluate during you are opting for which E-commerce Platform Is Best?

Common e-commerce platforms

Figure 1. Common e-commerce platforms

Which e-commerce platform is best?

1. Ecwid – Best e-commerce platform for free start

If you are running an online shop, but need to reduce your previous outlay; Ecwid is the ideal zone to start: it took a leading, or free strategy which makes you begin selling your initial ten physical items, and cheap enhancement tiers beginning at 15 dollars for a month since you want additional attributes. 

There are even extra transaction fees apart from what your payment gateway charges so that it is not scanning the revenue with secret fees. 

The user interface of Ecwid 

Figure 2. The user interface of Ecwid

2. Square – Best e-commerce platform for selling online

If you need the choice to sell directly, such as at the craft fair or via your online shop, Square is the perfect option. Your online and offline orders can be sorted out below an independent dashboard so that there is no movement from applications or attempt to track down client information by taking any spreadsheets. 

3. Shopify – Best e-commerce platform for operating rapidly

Shopify can be up to 15 years with over double a million shops built using the platform – and it’s difficult to look for a perfect choice for other small organizations looking to operate so rapidly. First of all, you need to register for a credit-card-free with 15 days trial, and for some minutes; you might get an initial build of your shop available to move. 

which e-commerce platform is best

Figure 3. An example of a Shopify e-commerce platform

4. BigCommerce – Best e-commerce platform for a large number of sellers

BigCommerce is the enterprise solution taken by a lot of international corporations such as Ben and Jerry’s. In other words, it provides you with a particularly strong platform for tiny businesses looking to sell online at reasonable costs. 

Besides, when BigCommerce integrates with online payment gates such as Paypal and Amazon, you might even configure your shop to make payments by bank transfer or money order. 

5. WooCommerce – Best e-commerce platform for adding a shopping cart to the WP site

Setting up WooCommerce on the website is insanely simple. In other words, you need to register for WooCommerce’s site. Next, while you come up with the last step of the onboarding procedure, stick with Auto-Install WooCommerce on the available WP (WordPress) site. If you are using WordPress, it might not be more convenient. 

Fees of e-commerce platform

When we are sticking with pricing, it might be difficult with e-commerce platforms since they need to charge quite distinctively from various services. Here are three types of fees you might get to pay for e-commerce site development. 

1. Transaction fees

Those are the first percentage-based fee which is familiar to you. More services bill themselves since getting without transaction fees, but that particularly shows that there is no additional charge. 

2. Monthly fee

It is anything from a fee to some thousand bucks and moves ahead to the platform. When it comes to a wide range of choices at this time, you can pay approximately 30 bucks for a fundamental strategy. 


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3. Payment gateway fees

Those are the fees you should pay during your deal with the credit card charge. The standard fee is about 2.9% plus an extra 0.3 dollars, even though that moves down with volume and greater upfront payments. 

Final thoughts

The answer is up to you and we believe that you can enlarge your horizon related to which e-commerce platform is best in the future. Lastly, do not hesitate to reply to us if you need our assistance.     

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