IT Knowledge How do you manage offshore application development resources?

How do you manage offshore application development resources?

Offshore application development is popular in today’s IT market, but it’s still difficult to manage a workforce that’s thousands of miles away from you. So what should you do to manage your offshore team efficiently?

1. Choose an offshore application development that has a local expertise

Using a vendor to assist an offshore team in navigating target sites might save time and money by avoiding some of the more time-consuming logistics and processes.

offshore application development

Figure 1. A local offshore application development team can do much more than just coding

A vendor, for example, can assist with a time-consuming ramp-up period to build up an offshore center and handle the legislation and processes of another area. A vendor can also supply potential rental options for office spaces and infrastructure while seeking a site (hardware, servers, etc.). Some vendors will most likely already have the space and infrastructure in place, cutting down on time and allowing you to focus on recruiting personnel right away.

2. Have a back-office team

For business owners who aren’t used to managing and expanding a staff abroad, an offshore application development team can assist with logistics. Payroll, prospective benefit arrangements, and HR rules are all handled by the suitable partner for forming and managing an offshore staff. An offshore management partner can handle everything from tax filings to finding an office to rent and paying rent.

Business owners would also not feel compelled to rush through learning and adapting to the legislation and exchange rates of another country.

3. Have an effective way to communication

It is impossible to operate remotely in software development without the tools for remote working communication. They aid in the differentiation of communication channels, the organization of teamwork, the secure sharing of files, and so on.

4. Have a clear development standard

Different levels of experience and coding habits exist among programmers. To avoid getting into a situation where a developer can’t communicate with others, the offshore firm should embrace and adhere to industry-wide coding standards.

offshore application development

Figure 2. Having a development standard help utilize and manage product more easily

For a specific programming language, they specify the development norms, coding style, and methodologies. The following is their role in the project:

  • Assisting new team members in integrating
  • Improving code quality and making maintenance easier
  • Reducing the complexity of code
  • Lowering the cost of development and the time it takes to get a product to market

5. Use Agile methodology to manage project

Everything we’ve stated so far is an example of software development using the Agile approach. This is a sprint-based development process. Sprints are short, repetitive cycles of operations.

The following factors are critical to Agile collaboration’s success:

  • Creating software development technical standards
  • Creating an offshore application development team with clear and efficient communication. This will help to keep productivity up regardless of where you are.

6. Have a clear project documentation

Software is a complicated system with hundreds of lines of code. The code eventually becomes complicated to maintain as new features arrive and team members change. This is referred to as technical debt.

It appears when a team produces software without paying attention to the quality of the code. Technical debt exists in all software products, but it only becomes a problem when it is not managed properly. Technical debt hurts software performance as well as financial losses for the organization; according to the research, it costs roughly $3.61 per line of code.

offshore application development

Figure 3. Project documentation help other member or new developer know what and how to use and modify product

Technical debt is difficult to eliminate, but it is vital to have clear program documentation that explains what this code is supposed to perform. The following are some of the reasons why documentation is so important:

  • Assists the offshore and onshore teams with communication.
  • Reduces time-to-market by reducing development time.
  • Allows for easier code review and project auditing.
  • Makes it easier to maintain the project in the future


Offshore application development offers a cost-cutting, efficiency-boosting, and results-producing solution for small and medium-sized business owners. Any business owner will see the benefits of identifying the proper resource, assigning duties, and ensuring the offshore workforce is truly a part of the firm.

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