IT Knowledge Which Technologies Does A Front-end Web Development Company Usually Use?

Which Technologies Does A Front-end Web Development Company Usually Use?

The success of practically every software infrastructure is driven by front-end technology. There are so many technologies and programming languages that can be used to build a front-end website, but which are the most common technology that a front-end web development company usually use?

1) JavaScript programming language

JavaScript has been around for about a quarter-century. Because of its dynamic features, the programming language is well-known for transforming the web.

The term dynamic refers to malleable content, whereas static relates to inflexible stuff.

Before the advent of JavaScript, the web as a whole was static. A web page was nothing more than a block of text.

JavaScript is the most used technology to make a website

Figure 1. JavaScript is the most used technology to make a website

Then came JavaScript, which enabled interaction like scrolling, clicking, and much more. This enables a front-end web development company to make a website more useful.

Now, JavaScript is utilized on most websites and serves as the foundation for most front-end frameworks.

2) Reactive – is one of the programming languages used in front-end web development company.

React, often known as ReactJS, is a front-end JavaScript toolkit for creating user interfaces and UI components. React was created and is maintained by a small team of Facebook developers.

React is becoming one of the most widely used JavaScript libraries for web development. React is used by several big worldwide corporations, including Facebook and Instagram.

React employs the traditional model-view-controller (MVC) architecture. There is a separation of concerns in an MVC paradigm between the display layer and the data access layer.

The view is represented by the presentation layer, while the model is represented by the data access layer. Finally, the controller controls user interactions by sending user input to the model and view so that they may make appropriate adjustments.

MVC is a popular UI architectural paradigm. However, one of React’s most distinguishing characteristics is its virtual DOM.

Document object models (DOMs) are application programming interfaces (APIs) that handle the access and manipulation of documents. The DOM interacts with XML and HTML documents by considering them as a tree structure, with each HTML element acting as an object.

When it comes to synchronizing changes to an entire program, DOM manipulation may be expensive for a machine. Virtual DOMs are representations of the actual thing that a front-end web development company keeps in memory for faster manipulation before synchronization.

3) Angular

Angular employs the model-view-model (MVVM) architectural paradigm in place of MVC. An MVVM paradigm also separates the graphical user interface from the business logic.

In the absence of a controller, the view model alerts the view of any state changes via receiving model notifications.

Apart from its architecture, Angular is a very adaptable framework. A front-end web development company may create progressive web apps or use the framework in conjunction with technologies such as Cordova, Ionic, or NativeScripy to create near-native mobile apps.

A front-end web development company may also use Angular to create desktop apps for Mac, Windows, and Linux.

Created by Google, Angular is the most adaptable framework

Figure 2. Created by Google, Angular is the most adaptable framework

Another outstanding aspect of the framework is Angular’s templates, which developers may use to quickly generate UI views, allowing the software development team to become more productive.

4) Vue.js – is one of the programming languages used in front-end web development company.

Vue.js is an MVVM JavaScript framework that is progressive. Vue.js fosters gradual adoption by being progressive.

In other words, Vue.js provides front-end web development company developers with merely the view layer, to begin with. Any alternative program structure should be supported via libraries and packages.

Vue.js is popular among developers since it is simple to accomplish small projects and equally simple to scale up.


Front-end development is an essential component of almost any website project. Whether you know the ins and outs of software development or not, front-end web development company will play a significant role in your online business.

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