IT Knowledge What are solutions for ISV software development in Ho Chi Minh city?

What are solutions for ISV software development in Ho Chi Minh city?

The term ISV is frequently used in the world of ERP software. But what is an ISV, and should you hire ISV software development in Ho Chi Minh city for your company? This article will assist you in answering these questions to obtain the best ERP solution.

1. So, what is an ISV software development in Ho Chi Minh city?

An Independent Software Vendor (ISV) is a company or person that creates, develops, and sells consumer or enterprise software for end-users. Another way, an ISV is a company whose primary purpose is to distribute software.

Software Publishers are another term for independent software vendors. By developing, distributing, and promoting new technologies and solutions, ISVs have become one of the most influential groups in the IT industry.

ISV software development in Ho Chi Minh city

Figure 1. ISV is a team or an agency that creates, develop software so you can sell to your user

When an Independent Software Vendor (ISV) sells software to a customer, the software remains the vendor’s property and is licensed for use by the customer.

Independent software vendors are distinct from software vendors who work for an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) in that they focus on human-facing applications rather than backend, system-level applications. Independent Software Vendors are hardware manufacturers who also distribute software (such as IBM and Microsoft).

2. Some benefits you will have when working with ISV software development in Ho Chi Minh city

2.1 Meeting your customer’s demand

Customers’ top-of-mind concerns have evolved over the last ten years. They are less reliant on traditional vendor relationships and are concerned about the time it takes to develop and implement custom solutions. Your company can rise to meet the changing needs of its customers in the following ways by partnering with an ISV software development in Ho Chi Minh City:

Provide solutions that are ready for business – ISVs allow you to easily and effectively meet your customers’ needs today while also future-proofing value for the future. Business-ready solutions, whether all-in with cloud or a hybrid solution, deliver real value.

ISV software development in Ho Chi Minh city

Figure 2. Meet the customer satisfaction may reduce your ROI time

Reduce ROI time – by leveraging Microsoft’s marketing, technology, training, and support investments, ISVs can deliver solutions based on consistent platforms and tools, allowing you to grow your business more quickly. Increase profit potential.  Collaborating with ISVs can help you grow your existing business and profits while also allowing you to enter new greenfield accounts.

2.2 Offering differentiated solutions

With so many new marketplaces popping up, it’s more important than ever to stand out. The majority of competitor marketplaces lack the level of support needed to keep up with ever-changing customer demands. Your company is well-positioned to succeed thanks to the breadth and depth of the talented ISV partner channel.

2.3 Driving your company’s innovation

Many customers are not ready to go “all-in” with the cloud and new technologies. With ISV software development in Ho Chi Minh city, customers can easily keep some workloads on-premises while they migrate to the cloud. Target the innovators within the customer’s organization as their primary focus is the customer experience and brand perception. They are making more technology investment decisions than ever before and often have influence in other areas. So you can showcase yourself as the innovative and forward-thinking partner they want to work with.

ISV software development in Ho Chi Minh city

Figure 3. New skills, new ideas can bring new innovation

2.4 Strengthening customer relationships

You can uncover additional needs and pain points by using ISV solutions to drive deep conversations with your customers. Review new and emerging ISV offerings, discuss scalability, customization requirements, and integration needs, and build long-term relationships with your customers to become trusted advisors. Develop a programmatic approach to deployment and adoption, rely on ISV tools for delivery consistency, and provide a wide range of services to increase opportunities. One of the most effective ways to increase your value is to create and deploy IP that becomes a part of a customer’s daily life. Once you’ve created a solution with these features, you can offer it to various customers to strengthen your bonds with them.


As you can see, working with an ISV software development in Ho Chi Minh City has a lot of potential benefits; they can help your business adopt the latest technologies and business models to provide innovative solutions, meet customer demands and outpace their competitors.

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