IT Knowledge What is the process of insurance software outsourcing in Ho Chi Minh city in BPO?

What is the process of insurance software outsourcing in Ho Chi Minh city in BPO?

Several insurance companies are currently facing challenges such as strict regulations, economic instability, and the impact of COVID-19. They may consider insurance business process outsourcing to stay competitive. So how can you choose the right insurance software outsourcing in Ho Chi Minh city?

1. What is Insurance Business Process Outsourcing?

An insurance agency outsources certain business functions to third-party service providers as part of insurance business process outsourcing.

insurance software outsourcing in Ho Chi Minh city

Figure 1. BPO is an agency that you can hire to do a specific job for your company

Companies that use an insurance BPO can focus on their core competencies after outsourcing back-office services such as data entry, claims processing, new business service, and commission management.

The insurance software outsourcing in Ho Chi Minh city is booming due to the growing digitalization and increased demand for high-quality services at a lower cost in Vietnam and South East Asia. 

2. Which insurance processes can you outsource?

2.1 Data processing

In insurance companies, data processing entails gathering and managing customer information from a variety of sources.

insurance software outsourcing in Ho Chi Minh city

Figure 2. Data processing is a process to gather, filter,ing and extract useful information that you need

Data processing can include the following, depending on the type of insurance plan you’re working with:

  • For motor vehicle insurance: Vehicle registration number, model, mileage,…
  • For property insurance: Amount insured, insured object details, insured object value,…
  • For household insurance: Number of rooms, ownership, the value of household contents,…

2.2 IT services

Insurance software outsourcing in Ho Chi Minh city can easily connect with customers thanks to cutting-edge IT services. It also simplifies tasks by automating tasks and reducing the amount of paperwork associated with insurance claims.

For example, you could hire an IT security agency to provide end-user security training to your employees and teach them how to protect sensitive customer data. This type of training can assist your company in avoiding data breaches and cyberattacks.

2.3 Call center

Outsourcing your call center will boost your customer retention efforts while also saving you money on the costs of hiring an in-house customer service or sales team.

By approaching potential customers, an outbound call center can assist you in breaking into new markets.

3. What are the benefits of using insurance software outsourcing in Ho Chi Minh city?

3.1 Frees up time to focus on core tasks

Administrative and back-office tasks can divert your team’s attention away from core competencies. This can stifle your company’s growth and put you behind your rivals.

Hiring a BPO firm can assist your team in prioritizing critical tasks while the outsourced service provider handles the lower-level tasks. This allows you and your team to focus on providing high-quality service and meeting company objectives.

3.2 Easy scaling

Insurance companies that want to expand their business should focus on developing and implementing international expansion strategies.

Due to a lack of skills or funds, scaling up to meet rising business demands may be difficult. If you decide to scale your business down, you may need to rearrange office space, reduce workforce capacity, and so on.

The majority of outsourcing service providers have multiple clients, and their employees are typically multi-skilled, making scaling relatively simple. They can quickly scale up and down the size of your outsourced team as needed.

You should also outsource services that are outside your team’s area of expertise.


Building a smart ecosystem allows you to act quickly and nimbly to seize new opportunities. An insurance BPO partner should be a part of your company’s ecosystem because they can give you the flexibility and scalability you need to quickly seize new market opportunities.

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